‘Tis the season to eat and shop ‘til you drop. Commercials get us excited for the holiday season, but also entice us to the stores. Here are some of the most memorable Thanksgiving commercials to get you in the spirit for the upcoming holiday:


1. A Billy Crystal and Robert DeNiro Thanksgiving 

This humorous 2001 ad for the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade features Billy Crystal and Robert DeNiro. It aired after 9/11 to encourage hope and exploration of NYC.



 2. Publix Salt and Pepper 

This memorable Publix commercial follows the company’s tradition of producing heart-warming content that reminds us all of the joy of the holidays and being with family, but with a quirky twist.



3. Walmart Many Chairs One Table

This tear-jerker commercial from 2017 shows people from all walks of life gathering together for a meal. The commercial promotes unity and community, perfect themes for the Thanksgiving season.



4. Jennie-O Turkey

This hilarious commercial for Jennie-O’s oven-ready turkeys shows the all-too-familiar struggle of trying to cook a Thanksgiving turkey from scratch.



5. Justin Bieber Macy’s

We love a throwback!  Even though this iconic commercial is for Black Friday, we couldn’t exclude this Justin Bieber Macy’s commercial that exemplifies 2011 Belieber culture while incorporating the holiday season.