Been waiting for your moment to get more involved within Ad Society? Say no more: Applications for 2020-2021 Directors Team are now open! For each position, there will be a director and an assistant director selected after an interview process. Online applications are due April 10th.

You know you want to become part of the team, but do you know which position is right for you? Read below for a quick breakdown on the 13 teams:

Internal Team

Internal positions handle all things within Ad Society. These key directors create content, recruit members, and work on other wonderful things that make Ad Society what it is.

Internal Productions Directors Team

The Internal Productions team is responsible for all the collateral material needed for Ad Society (think flyers, social media graphics and cute laptop stickers). Those considering applying for the Internal Productions team must have strong technical skills on Adobe Creative Cloud (specifically InDesign and Illustration). Brush up on that portfolio and get ready to dazzle our e-board!

MemberBiz Directors Team

In another life, you would’ve been a Preview staffer. You are energized by talking to new people and the idea of tabling in Weimer Hall for prospective new members invigorates you. In short, you’re an extrovert. The MemberBiz team handles the Rookie & Guru program and runs the biweekly e-newsletter. Bring the biggest smile you got to that interview and you’re golden.

ICON Directors Team

Do you find yourself flipping through our biweekly ICON newsletter and admire the artistry? Become part of the publishing process from design to distribution. Not only do applicants have to show strong technical Adobe Creative Clouds skills, but they must also show dedication to reach other members for internal club updates. ICON directors are also responsible for reaching out to guest speakers for a small feature within the newsletter. Check out our previous ICONs here.

Digital Creative Directors Team

Surprise, surprise: Digital Creative lives and breathes all things creative. This team is in charge of the Ad Society website you are currently browsing. Additionally, Digital Creative takes all of the photos and video content for social media and promotional purposes (like our incredible Hype Reel). Bonus points if you’re familiar with WordPress!

Blog Directors Team

If creating wordy content is your idea of a good time, then the Blog Directors team is your gold mine. Blog content ranges from internal Ad Society affairs to external ad industry happenings. Having a way with words is the expectation, so show enthusiasm for coming up with content on a weekly basis. The team is responsible for producing blog posts twice a week (one split between both the director and the assistant director). 

Crafts Directors Team

We all entered Ad Society as “Exploratory,” but how is it that members find their niche? Thanks to the Crafts team, Ad Society hosts Facebook Groups for each Craft to discuss their particular passion within the ad industry. The Crafts Directors manage Craft Ambassadors, select leaders within each Facebook Group that update the page with relevant content. 

Social Media Directors Team

A good Instagram feed sends shivers down your spine. Scrolling through Twitter isn’t just an idle way to pass time; it’s a passion. Ad Society currently posts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. IIf you love to hone the power of social media and promote Ad Society meetings, events, and other happenings, apply for the Social Media team!

External Team

External directors positions work with others outside of Ad Society. These key directors run events, workshops and coordinate guest speakers.

Event Planning Directors Team

The Event Planning team organize the Ad Society socials and events, such as the annual Halloween party, Christmas party, Ad Council socials and end-of-the-year banquet. The Event Planning team also hosts the after-meeting socials at Tijuana Flats  (and on special occasions, The Social). 

Elevate Director*

Are you passionate about Ad Society’s in-house agency, Elevate? Want to move on up the ladder? Consider applying to be the Elevate Director. The Elevate Director is responsible for managing Elevate and relay updates to the Ad Society e-board. The director will be in charge of finding new business and managing existing client relations. The director is required to attend weekly Elevate meetings along with regular director meetings. The Elevate director also interviews new candidates for the Elevate team in the fall.

*Note: This position does not have an assistant director. 

Opportunities Directors Team

Everyone needs a little help with adding work to their portfolio, especially real-life client work. As part of the Opportunities Directors Team, you will manage Ad Dash, one of Ad Society’s biggest events throughout the year. Ad Dash is a weekend-long competition to provide a campaign for a local non-profit organization. The event provides Ad Society members with the opportunity to work with a real client and add to their portfolio.

Speakers Directors Team

As part of the Speakers team, “Networking” is your middle name. You will contact advertising professionals across the US and invite them to be our distinguished speakers for Ad Society general body meetings. This role requires you to shamelessly message on LinkedIn and be the face for Ad Society when organizing speaker events. Plus, you get to personally connect with high-profile professionals in the industry, a great perk when you embark on life outside of UF.

Trips Directors Team

Nothing excites you more than being in an IRL agency. Imagine being the person who gets to pick the agencies and cities we visit. Apply to be a part of the Trips team and that dream may come true. We typically host two trips per semester, one small/mid-sized trip and one large trip (out of state). This position will require you to select a city and create an itinerary for Ad Society students. You will also be a point-of-contact for the agencies we visit on the trip.

Diversity Director

Do you love the diversity & inclusion presentations at the beginning of Ad Society meetings? Apply to be a part of the Diversity team! This team will be a part of the College of Journalism and Communications’s Diversity Task Force. Responsibilities include hosting diversity-centric events and workshops. 

Don’t forget to submit your applications by April 10th. Good luck!