There’s a notable shift in the air during this time of year. It’s that awkward in-between time when Thanksgiving Break is about to begin, yet final exams and projects are waiting to bombard us as soon as we return. In other words, this time of the school year tends to be accompanied by an influx of feelings and emotions: the stress of finals, the excitement for the end of them, the eagerness to finally be on that month-long break, etc. 


During this time, it is easy to feel distracted, discouraged, or unfocused. This is just a quick reminder that you’ve got this! If you feel like you are struggling, keep pushing through because you’re almost there. Winter break is right around the corner and will be here before we know it.


Hopefully, this reminder motivates you all as you continue to grind as hard as you can, I promise it will be worth it. Oh, and please don’t forget about your homework over Thanksgiving Break. 


Here are some of the most adorable gifs to give you some motivation:


For when you’re feeling down


 For when you feel like giving up


For when you feel unfocused


For when you need some morning motivation



You got this!



We hope you all have a great Thanksgiving, and we’ll see you back soon. And remember again, you’ve got this.