This week is an exciting one for Ad Society. This week we are welcoming The Ad Council at the general body meeting where the panel will be discussing and answering questions on why content is king. This week’s panelists include Tania Paul from Horizon Media Inc., Chad Crawford from Crawford Entertainment, Jon Ruhff from Push Button Production, and Natalie Asoray who is public relations lecturer at University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications. This is an extremely valuable meeting where students will receive unique insights from each panelist that can help them as they navigate the ad industry. More than one perspective on a topic like content cannot only inform students but also allow them to form new ideas.


Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper general body meeting without an after-meeting social that follows it. This week our social will be at Social in Midtown. This is an opportunity to go more in-depth with the panelists on any questions you may have. Also, there will be food and drink so why wouldn’t you go? Get a meal and some really good advice from talented professionals.


On top of all that, there will also be a Career Ready Brunch on Friday, March 15th (the day after the meeting). Here, the Ad Council is be providing resume and portfolio reviews so make sure to bring in 10 copies of your resume. The more people that check, the better. As for the brunch portion of the event, participating students can enjoy some breakfast classic catered by the Flying Biscuit.


So get hyped and don’t miss out on all the opportunities (and the food)!