Last weekend, Ad Society hosted its largest annual service event known as Ad Dash. This was a twelve-hour competition between five teams to create a campaign and deliver a pitch to a client. The client for this event is always a local nonprofit organization. This is an awesome way to gain some experience in coming up with a campaign while helping out the community.


This year’s client was the Gainesville Opportunity Center. This organization’s mission is to empower those with mental illness through peer-led skills development, social activities, and self-directed recovery sessions. With its resources, the organization hopes to help people with mental illness find a place in the workforce and their community.


The Gainesville Opportunity Center came to the University of Florida’s Ad Dash to find ways of building community awareness of what it does, and they matter. Also, the organization wanted to find different ways to fund their mission. Currently, they are supported by the State Department of Children and Families but need more to build more Clubhouses in Florida.


Five teams of students worked tirelessly to develop an effective way to achieve the objectives set by the client. In these twelve hours, the student had to make sure to come up with new branding, a social media strategy, promotion for their Amazing Give Day event, and a commercial concept. This was a lot of work to be done in just a day, but all teams came up with many strong ideas.


Congratulations to Natasha Colon, Val Sokolova, Nicole Holdgrafer, Manicia Reneus and Joseph Kwan on placing first in the competition!