New to Ad Society? Want to get some experience? How about helping a non-profit in the process? Ad Dash is one of the biggest events Ad Society holds each year. It’s a chance to get to know other members, get a feel for agency life, and help out a local nonprofit.

This event is a competition where participants will be placed in a team with whom they will be working with for 24 hours on a campaign. Not only do you get to come up with a campaign, but you also get to pitch it to the client. The judges will be a panel of advertising professors and a real-world professional; all of which will give some very insightful advice that will help you in the future.

Ad Dash may sound scary, but you’ll be so happy to have taken on an opportunity like this. There is value in the hard work that is put into this competition and in the collaboration with other members of Ad Society. Directors will also be present to offer some advice along the way as lifelines.

Don’t miss out on an experience like this and make sure to sign up on Feb. 8th!