In a world of LinkedIn Learning lessons and Masterclass sessions, young professionals can feel the overwhelming screen fatigue. With digital detoxes on the rise, we are understandably ready to disconnect. But how do you keep up with your professional development unplugged? 

Here are three advertising books that don’t feel like required reading:


Strategic Thinking for Advertising Creatives by Alice Kavounas Taylor

As a creative, it’s important to have a holistic understanding of what else happens in the client process outside of Photoshop and brainstorm sessions. Strategic Thinking for Advertising Creatives emphasizes that the best creative execution works in tandem with strategy. Strategists create the creative brief, the creative department’s holy grail. Taylor’s book goes through each section of the creative brief, along with real-life examples from around the world, to give us American-based ad students a global perspective. The book is to-the-point and even provides relevant exercises for creatives with no strategy background to follow along. 


Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy

Known as “the most sought after wizard in the business” by TIME, David Ogilvy is one of modern advertising’s founding fathers. No wonder his classic book remains iconic over 40 years after its publishing. Ogilvy’s advice is practical rather than purely instructional, covering topics from “How to get a job in advertising” to “What advertising can do for charities.” 


Advertising Concept Book by Pete Barry

What are the specific techniques to get the “a-ha!” moment in your next brainstorm process? Pete Barry outlines how to write the next, best headline or direct the most emotional TV commercial. Advertising Concept Book breaks down the “big idea” process into a tangible method for students starting their creative journeys. With award-winning case studies ranging from print ads to out-of-home, Barry compiles an endless pit of inspiration. The latest edition also includes a new social media section for the digital era.


So, turn off your phone and sit back with a pen in hand. Take notes, highlight, and follow along with the greats in the industry.

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