Ad Society Directors

About Ad Society

Ad Society, an official chapter of the American Advertising Federation, is the University of Floridaa��s professional student advertising organization. Open to all majors, creative minds and ambitious people, Ad Society provides valuable information about the industry as well as opportunities to build your professional network and resume. Students receive indispensable advice from speakers and mentors, hands-on experiences, opportunities to visit agencies, and a chance to hold a leadership position amongst fellow peers. We pledge to provide you with an inspiring, interactive environment, and more importantly, a solid foundation for a career in advertising. Come join us, and experience it for yourself! .

Meet the Team

[title title=”EXECUTIVE BOARD”]
[team name=”Victoria Alsina” image=”2482″ position=”President”]
[team name=”Andie Tradler” image=”2468″ position=”VP Internal”]
[team name=”Julian Pinilla” image=”2466″ position=”VP External”]
[team name=”Alexa Padron” image=”2469″ position=”VP Finance”]
[title title=”INTERNAL”]
[team name=”Tyler Shultz” image=”2471″ position=”Digital Creative”][team name=”Ying Lei” image=”2472″ position=”Digital Creative AD”]
[team name=”Sabrina Siegel” image=”2473″ position=”Internal Productions”][team name=”Carly Mackler” image=”2474″ position=”Internal Productions AD”]
[team name=”Pablo Fuentes” image=”2475″ position=”Memberbiz”][team name=”Kylie Johnson” image=”2476″ position=”Memberbiz AD”]
[team name=”Lesly Ramirez” image=”2477″ position=”Event Planning”][team name=”Alexandra McKenzie” image=”2478″ position=”Event Planning AD”]
[team name=”Rachel Lescano” image=”2479″ position=”ICON”][team name=”Megan Pirino” image=”2688″ position=”ICON AD”]
[title title=”EXTERNAL”]
[team name=”Lauren Hemingway” image=”2484″ position=”Speakers”][team name=” Minerve Jean” image=”2485″ position=”Speakers AD”][team name=”Deidry Gomez” image=”2495″ position=”Diversity/Fundraising Director”]
[team name=”Shelby Cohron” image=”2486″ position=”AdWerks Account”][team name=”Aaron Sheinberg” image=”2487″ position=”AdWerks Creative”]
[team name=”Blair Bowman” image=”2488″ position=”Trips Coordinator “][team name=”Kamila Pinzon” image=”2489″ position=”Trips Coordinator AD”]
[team name=”Kathleen Davis” image=”2490″ position=”Public Relations”][team name=”Brendan Schmidt” image=”2491″ position=”Public Relations AD”]
[team name=”Vanessa Wong” image=”2492″ position=”AdServe”][team name=”Madison Andrews” image=”2516″ position=”AdServe AD”]
[title title=”advnt”]
[team name=”Jenna-Winter” image=”2493″ position=”Account Director”]
[team name=”Stephan Chamberlin” image=”2497″ position=”Advnt Creative Director”]

How to Reach Us

?Y�� Email:A�

?Y�? Meetings: Turlington L005