Advertising Avenues is a new series here on the Ad Society Blog where we give readers a greater understanding of the career opportunities within the advertising industry. The possibilities seem to be endless, and more positions are being created as technology propels us forward. UX design is an avenue in advertising that many students discover when they actually begin working.

“UX” is short for user experience. With smartphones, tablets, and internet connection at all corner of our lives, these designers try to enhance our interaction with brands through these digital platforms. In an advertising agency, UX designers are becoming more necessary as advertising is shifting its focus to digital platforms. Their expertise and skills, paired with that of creatives, enables an agency to create applications or other unique forms of technology that will engage customers.

UX designers need a comprehensive skill set. What they need to accomplish in one project, may be different from another. However, product research is a step that cannot be missed. According to Adobe, this is how designers begin to understand the user and social trends. After doing their research, they determine the group of people that will be the user and the scenarios in which they will use the product. Then, the planning begins. UX designers are known for creating Information Architectures and a Wireframes. These are outlines of the navigation and a rough draft of an app or a website. Then comes prototyping, product testing, and correcting.

This post was a just a glance at some of the basic tasks that a UX designer, but it is much more complicated than it sounds. A UX designer must be creative in design but also in the way that they understand people. They must be tech savvy and informed on the latest technology trends. On top of that, they must be able to adapt to different projects and be able to collaborate with others. Accomplishing an excellent customer experience is not the easiest of avenues, but really which avenue is?

Advertising Avenues is a series we hope will open students’ minds to all the ways to break into the ad industry. Be on the lookout for the next one!