Ad Society’s Washington D.C. trip is quickly approaching. Next week, 20 members will fly out to see the nation’s capital and all the professional opportunities available there. Although it’s not known as for being an advertising hub, it is the home to some of the most reputable agencies that produce amazing work for well-known clients. Ad Society will be taking a look at life in these agencies, get a feel for the culture, and learn from professionals. Here are the agencies that Ad Society will be visiting:


Wunderman is a global agency that delivers results to their clients by integrating data and creativity to give the consumer an experience. They have locations all over the world and a multitude of career routes for those into data and analytics, creatives, and marketers.Their global clients like Nestle Purina in Europe, Microsoft in Japan, Pantene in China. The agency based in Washington DC also has local clients like Biogen, Windstream, Time Warner.


An agency that is promoted in collaboration to meet the needs of the clients in a unique way. They focus on delivering cohesive brand experiences across all mediums. Huge goes beyond on providing quality work for their client, but they also foster an environment of creativity for their employees and people interested in working at the agency. They offer hands-on training through their Huge School courses, they have a Huge Café, their own mixtape, a smart office, and much more. Their clients include large brands like Gucci, Google, AMC Theatres, Nike, Hulu, and Kohls.


Chief is a full-service agency that focuses on creating meaningful work for government-related clients and for non-profit clients. They focus on the brand development, website development, marketing strategy, and much more for very important clients such as the National Park Foundation, Army National Guard, Federal Trade Commission, and the U.S. Department of State. Their work creates an experience through the brand for all citizens.


Edelman was named global digital agency of the year. This agency began as a public relations firm but has added all kinds of functions to such as communications marketing, client advising, and digital strategy. They now identify themselves as a global communications marketing firm. Edelman is an independent agency and prides itself on focusing only on their clients rather than worrying about investors. Some of their clients include Dove, HP, Department of Defense, Samsung, and Adobe.


As one of the largest global production networks, Craft works with some of the world’s most reputable companies to promote their brands across many markets in a creative and functional way. They have offices around the world, over 1000 employees, and specialize in creating content in for 200 languages. Even with offices far from each other and their involvement in different markets, they collaborate across the world with their own proprietary cPlus cloud-based platform. Their clients include Coca-Cola, Chick-Fil-A, L’Oreal, and Microsoft.


This agency greatly emphasizes innovation and pushing the limits. They are involved in many projects and help invent new products while launching award-winning campaigns. For example, they created a Social Cooler which opens when someone engages with you through social media. This is can be utilized by companies to create experiences for their audiences. In addition, they create campaigns for clients like NBC Universal, Volkswagen, Lyft, and Facebook.

If you couldn’t make it on this trip, it’s okay. There are more to come. Washington DC clearly has many opportunities to land your dream job. Visiting these agencies is a great way to learn from the professionals while getting pumped for what the future may have in store.