So, you’ve heard all about Ad Society. You’ve attended a GBM and you hear all this talk about choosing your craft. So, what is a craft?

It’s  a specialty. They’re close knit communities of a particular field. So, before diving deep into the array of crafts that you can call your home, close your eyes and picture where you see yourself working, and visualize your career goals. Got a rough image? Then let me tell you what crafts you can choose from. 

If you’ve ever been called the therapist friend or the mom of the group, you know what it’s like to deal with conflicts. You’re a good listener and communicator. This is similar to the traits that someone in Account Management would have. 

If you’re a numbers person, you’re more logical than creative. You love a good excel sheet and couldn’t live without your handy reports. You would love the craft of Analytics, where you’ll learn new ways to track ad performance online. 

If you love art, you’re leaning into the right side of your brain. You love to work with software like Illustrator where you can bring your own creations to life and paint the web with your virtual palettes. The community of Art Direction/Graphic Design is the one for you!

If you love writing and a blank google doc is your canvas, then you belong in Copywriting. Here you’ll prosper typing away a creative five-word headline or a beautifully written blog post.

If your dream is to work in a media agency, you belong in Media. You’ll get to immerse yourself in the overall triad trajectory of buying, selling, and planning. You’ll negotiate and have an eye for the next creative endeavor for your agency. 

If being behind the lens, brightens up your smile, you know that producing is your calling. You’ll get a taste of a variety whether you want to improve your portfolio by capturing the perfect moments on film or by increasing the qualities of your takes. You’ll be in the technical realm of Production, managing the start to finish of ads and commercials. 

If you’re all about getting the job done and working with planners and scheduling are your go-to, you’ll love the idea of Project Management. 

If you love a good press release and reporting is your game, fear not because our Public Relations craft will give you the tools you need to succeed. 

If the saying “Curiosity killed the cat” has no effect on you whatsoever, you’ll love working in Strategy where you’ll prosper in gathering insights and detail. 

If you’re constantly posting on social media, working in the proper filters, catering to your feed in an aesthetic manner, welcome to Social Media Management. 

And if none of those speak to you or too many of them speak to you. You can begin in Exploratory. We’ll let you sit on it. 

So, which will you call your craft?