There is one question that both a job interview and a first date will ask you: “Why do you want to go into advertising?”

University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications boasts approximately 600 advertising majors, with about 200 as active participants of Ad Society. With such a substantial membership, there is bound to be a large diversity of identities and interests.

However, there is one thing that unites all Ad Society members: We all felt drawn towards advertising. But what exactly is it that drew us to this specific industry?

In the first issue of the new blog segment Ask the Directors, we will gain insight into what makes advertising so special to the team. 

What Drew You to Advertising?


Alexa Padron, President

I was drawn to advertising because of the creative process. I wanted to be in every step of the process and advertising allows me to do that.”

Alex McKenzie, Vice President of External

“I was drawn to advertising after taking classes over the last summer of high school at Ringling College of Art and Design in Ad Design. Our class worked together as a mock agency to produce and present a campaign to Goodwill, and I loved the collaborative environment and creativity put into the work so much that I wanted to pursue it coming into college!”

Virginia Gil, Vice President of Internal

“So I would say what drew me to advertising is the culture. I love how open and non-judgmental the environment is, and how creative you’re encouraged to be.”

Cameron Hassen, Assistant Director of Speakers

“What drew me to advertising is the amount of creativity and collaboration that gets put into every piece of work and how it is always a team effort.”

Alexa Schummer, Trips Director

“I always knew I loved writing and psychology, but I was also really into business. Thankfully, I randomly decided to watch Mad Men and found out that an industry that combines everything exists. Sans all the racism and sexism (sorta, we’re getting there).”

When’s the next meeting?

Join the directors and the rest of Ad Society this Thursday, September 26th at 6:15 P.M. in Gannett Auditorium (Weimer 1064). We will be hosting Ad Council, an advisory board of advertising professionals, who will answer any questions about the industry. 

Having trouble coming up with a question? Ask what drew them to advertising.

Written by Sandra Salvatierra