Many of you are familiar with the ins-and-outs of a typical ad agency. Something that’s not popularly spoken about is the client side of things. Post-graduation, people interested in the field of advertising can either enter an advertising agency or get hired by a specific client. Agency work is known to be more energetic and diverse, which is why many students are interested in that route. Client side has a number of advantages that may be to your liking. Here are some large points that separate agency from client side.

Working with one brand primarily

When you work for one specific brand or company, you focus primarily on them. This means you get to dissect and strategize for this one client. You’ll be able to truly invest yourself into the client and be well-versed in the company as whole. This can be beneficial to you as you become an expert in the field you are working in.

Salary benefits

Starting salaries and raises are usually higher and more common through client side. Employees receive salary raises more often, along with health benefits. Your company may provide you with a stable healthcare plan and organization of funds for the future.

Work pace

The working pace at a company is much more steady and organized. You’ll very rarely feel rushed with an assignment and will usually get it done in a more controlled setting. Client side is typically a more corporate setting so the office will run at a slower pace with a formal work space.

Stable job

Positions in client-side are usually held for longer periods of time, with little-to-no changes ranking wise. It takes several years to rise up within the company because of the lower turn-over. This results in employees staying where they are at for some time. This ties into the benefit of becoming an expert in that specific area of expertise.


Client side is more corporate with a strict 9am-5pm working day. Employees may sometimes work overtime, but it’s normally a set schedule. This gives employees more free time to spend on the weekdays and weekends. The hours on client-side aren’t as demanding and will typically not require much outside work from you.


There you have it. Some significant differences between working client-side and agency. This may not appeal to you, and that’s okay. Everyone is different in their own way and crave certain work atmospheres. There’s no harm in trying both out during your lifetime. Many advertising professionals started at an agency and ended up on client-side down the line. It all depends on YOU.