Did you miss us?

We’re finally back! Well, kinda. Welcome to Zoom University. After months of quarantine and isolation, we now have more months of isolation, but…for a grade? It has been about 6 months since quarantine began, and it’s felt more like two years given the number of things that have occurred in this short period. It almost feels like an alternate universe! With that being said, we have a lot to look back on from this experience. Although this situation is less than ideal for many, our generation has done our best to stay positive and make the best out of this situation by doing what we do best – using comedy to cope! Here are our top picks that hit just a little too close to home: 


The perfect online school hack…


That moment when you think the class is about to end but your teacher makes you go into breakout rooms on Zoom.


Early morning Zoom classes be like:



I think we can all relate to this one. 



I would definitely be reading the syllabus.



Last, but certainly not least…


Keep your eyes out for Ad Society’s first general body meeting next Thursday, September 10th as we announce it on our socials. We hope to see you all there! Digitally, of course.