College is fun and all, but if you’re anything like me, when it comes down to actually sitting down to do work, the issues start to emerge. Upon arriving at UF. I learned pretty quickly that to make it through, time is valuable and being able to prioritize your time and your studies is extremely important. Here are some of the best study tips that I have learned thus far as a senior who’s been through it all.

  1.     STAY ORGANIZED- with an agenda or planner 

I learned the hard way that organization is key. I make sure to have an agenda and calendar in which I write down EVERYTHING (and I mean everything) whether it’s upcoming exams, club meetings, class schedules, etc. College is about being able to juggle many things at once and the only way that I have been able to do that is write everything down neatly. 


For me, getting a change of scenery occasionally helps a lot. It adds some excitement to studying. I like to switch between libraries, coffee shops, and even parks. If it’s a nice day outside, why not study outdoors and get some vitamin D. My freshman year, I spent most of my time studying and doing work in my room and it started to get really repetitive which, as a result, hurt my motivation and concentration. Changing study spots brings a new perspective and ambiance. 

  1.     TAKE BREAKS

My most prized tip to get through a day of studying and assignments is the hour-fifteen-minute rule. The second I found out about this method I have never looked back. The way it works is for one hour I set my phone aside and on Do Not Disturb, far out of sight. I give myself no distractions while I study. After this hour is up, I get fifteen minutes of straight phone time to relax and catch up on whatever social media I missed in that hour. And then repeat. This has saved me when it comes to trying to focus and not getting distracted. Even those fifteen minutes allows my brain to come back fresh and ready to absorb more information. 


It has helped me substantially to set a routine each day and stick to it. I make sure to carve out time each day to study and keep up with my work. Getting into a routine keeps me on track and allows me to not feel overwhelmed or behind. This goes along with staying organized and keeping a calendar and agenda. 


Last but not least, study with friends. This may seem counter intuitive, but it really helps to have people around you also studying. This keeps the motivation up and have company to fall back on. When using the hour-fifteen-minute rule, in that fifteen-minute break the time can be spent chatting it up with friends and having a little laugh in between focus times. 

Good Luck on all future exams and happy studying!