Hello everyone! I hope everyone had an amazing and safe Halloween weekend! Halloween is known for many different things. Parties, costumes, and candy (Halloween is nothing without CANDY)! But I would argue that Halloween is known mainly for two things, getting scared and having fun. But what do people like to do more of when it comes to Halloween? Are people happily creating costumes for that awesome annual Halloween party? Or are they getting ready for the “Nightmare on Elm Street” movie marathon while planning a string of pranks for the season? I just had to see what our members had to say.

In our slack channel, I asked our members if Halloween was all about having fun or spreading fright. “Definitely all about the costumes and coming together!” said Manny Rodriguez. And many of our members agreed. So whether you were pranking kids outside your apartment or having a great time listening to DJ Diesel at the Vivid Sky Warehouse, I hope everyone had a great Halloween.

This week’s GBM is very special y’all! Ad council is coming this week! In case you don’t know, Ad Council is composed of advertising professionals across all aspects of the industry. They advise students on evolutions in the industry, aid students’ professional development, and serve as individual mentors. Come to our meeting to ask them questions and know more about their respective industries. Also, come to the AHA! Lab Friday morning from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm so they can review your resume! See you then!