Back by popular demand (and by popular demand, I mean “❤️ ” reactions whenever I share these on my Close Friends Instagram Story), we’re exploring the Wonderful World of Ad Agency Memes™. Apologies in order for non-creatives: there seems to be a severe lack of Accounts/Project Management/Analytics memes. Consider this a call-to-action to all aspiring non-creative crafts to create their own meme pages because right now, the copywriters and art directors have you beat.

And no, I’m not postponing starting my creative prompt for MAIP (Multicultural Advertising Internship Program) by researching all of these ad agency memes.

Without further ado…


Did any of those super morally ambiguous psychologists of the 1960s ever do a social experiment with Madison Avenue creatives? Because they would’ve had a field day delving into their psyches.



Me reading this as a copywriter: Yeah ❤️

For more on the “everyone-thinks-they-are-a-copywriter” complex, read this wonderful Medium article.



Smartmockups found dead in a ditch. (But seriously, for those with zero Photoshopping skills, that mockup site has been a savior from above).



I hear every good strategist screaming whoever wrote this brief.



But have you ever been told to just screenshot the logo in the email signature? Pain.



This one just hurt.



@makethelogobigger.psd? Name checks out.

Send me any more memes that come your way to my DMs. I’m always looking to strengthen my repertoire.


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