When the fall semester of my second year at the University of Florida began, I made it my mission to get more involved. After all, we have so many amazing organizations for literally any and every interest you could have. It felt silly not to take advantage. I was ecstatic when I found Ad Society because I had been looking for a place to connect with other people in my major and learn more about the advertising industry.

If you read UF Ad Society’s blog posts as religiously as I do, you would know they are written by our amazing blog director Sandra Salvatierra. Her posts always gave me some insight or a laugh, so when I heard they were searching for an assistant blog director, I jumped at the opportunity. I really appreciate this organization and wanted to get involved, so here I am!

I am Jazzmyn Falloon, and this is my first Ad Society blog post. I’m currently exploratory, but leaning towards art direction or copywriting as my craft.  From here on, I’ll be helping with the blog, writing about all things Ad Society, advertising, and everything in between. I’m super excited to share my thoughts with you all. Hopefully, you’ll gain something from my posts, preferably a laugh or two.

I hope to see you all tomorrow, November 7th at 6:15 p.m. in Turlington L005 for our general body meeting. We will be hosting Brad Mislow, a Creative Director from Saatchi & Saatchi. Right after, we will be having our routine after-meeting social at Tijuana Flats. Hope to see you there!