Every year, we wait for the newest iPhone to be dropped. On September 14th, Apple announced the new and improved iPhone that has every student photographer talking. To get an edge on Samsung, and other competitors, iPhone added a Cinematic Mode. This mode utilizes AI technology to easily change focus between multiple subjects. The iPhone 13 Pro has a macro photography feature so you can capture a photo, just centimeters away from your subject. Imagine being that close to President Fuchs!

When it comes to iPhones, consumers pay for a camera. Some iPhones are even better than the cameras photographers use. If you are just starting out as a personal photographer, buying a photographer’s camera, such as Nikon, will make our bank accounts cry. However, the new iPhone gives you an even better shot. The iPhone 13 has a 12-megapixel camera and captures 47% more light. These features are perfect for a student in college who is just getting into photography. The Cinematic Mode copies the effect photographers know as ‘rack focus’. The act of moving the focus from one subject to another allows the photo to have a storytelling effect. If you are in journalism, storytelling becomes a recurring theme throughout your four years of college. If you’re a videographer in Advertising, you will love the new features on this phone!

The new iPhone also communicates seamlessly with other devices. It is capable of transferring projects and documents within seconds when the devices are linked. Life becomes simple and multitasking becomes easier. For copywriters, a word document could be open on your laptop and easily accessible on your iPhone.  For artists, your graphic design piece on Adobe Photoshop can be transferred to your phone within seconds. Thus, making it faster and easier to post on social media promoting your next club event. Strategists can even move excel sheets full of information to their iPhone for easy use during research.

What are you waiting for? Get on that old scrappy phone of yours and call Santa to let him know what you want for Christmas!