2022-2023 Ad Society Membership Form


Basic Membership

Ad Society will give you the experience, networking and knowledge to succeed in your career. You get advice from professional speakers, hands-on experiences, opportunities to visit agencies, and a chance to network with current professionals and fellow advertising majors.

Dues $25 for the semester and $45 for the year. Payment will be thorugh Paypal so be sure to scan the QR code on the next page!

Optional Choose Your Craft

To bring our members closer together, we created crafts: closed-knit communities of members with similar interests and career goals. Choose a craft based on your area of interest in the field of advertising. Not sure exactly what you want to do yet? No worries! Join the ‘Exploratory’ craft.

A list of each craft and their responsibilities can be found on the crafts page.

Please add AdSociety Crafts on Facebook to be put into a Facebook group for your chosen craft. You should allow 2 weeks after adding the admin to be put into a craft before contacting us. Thanks!

Only for returning members

Once you have submitted the form, please go ahead and click the button below to pay your dues!