Membership Rally Recap

Ad Society kicked off the year with its Membership Rally this past Thursday. Exec and all the directors worked tirelessly to bring to all the members the best introduction to Ad Society as possible. The auditorium was packed with some familiar faces and some new ones. This informational meeting covered some of the very important events, opportunities, and the overall culture of this organization. Here are some key points of the meeting:


Who We Are

Ad Society is a professional organization for any student interested in advertising. However, it is very different from most professional organizations in that we believe in having fun and making friends while achieving our professional goals. This is portrayed in this year’s theme, Power of We. Ad Society greatly emphasizes the power of lifting each other up to reach our full potential. The new Power of We T-shirts will be sold at the meetings for $15 so don’t miss out!


Getting Involved



Join Ad Society’s rebranded, student-run advertising agency that works with real world clients. It’s a great way to get experience and add on to your portfolio.

Application are due Sept. 28!


This is a program within Ad Society where a rookie/mentee is paired with a guru/mentor. Being a rookie in this program is a great way to get guidance from someone with more experience. On the other hand, being a Guru is a very rewarding experience where you can share your knowledge of all things advertising with someone who needs it.

Applications are due Sept. 28!


Crafts is a great way to get to know members interested in the same aspect of advertising. Each craft is a group of people that are focused on a similar career path.Through the membership application, you will select the area of advertising you are most interested in and will be placed in that craft. If you’re not sure which part of advertising you’re most interested in yet, don’t worry. There is an exploratory craft. All members will be added to a craft’s Facebook group soon!



Participating in workshops with other members of Ad Society is also a great way to learn different skills and get ahead on your career goals. This is a great opportunity to learn from peers and professionals in the ad industry. On Thursday, Sept 20th, Ad Society are partnering with NABJ to host a “Careers in Sports, Music, and Entertainment” workshop in the Gannett Auditorium at 7 p.m. It will focus on professional development and personal branding.


Officially Become a Member

On the Ad Society website (, fill out the member application and make sure to pay the membership dues! This money is put towards all the trips, service events, socials, and speakers that the organization provides. There are two payment methods: $35 per semester or $55 per year. Just pay through PayPal and you’ll officially be an Ad Society member!



There will be one smaller and one bigger trip per semester open to all Ad Society members. This semester our small trip will take us to Jacksonville where we’ll get to visit some award-winning agencies! This trip will be on October 5th and the sign-up is on Sept 28th at 8 p.m. Our trips fill up fast so make sure you are at your computer right at 8 p.m.



Get involved with advnt! It is the creative CJC portfolio showcases any advertising, branding, or design work and is great way to get our college recognized by the outside world. Being able to create this publication is a great way to gain experience in the field of advertising you’re most interested in while having a great creative outlet.

Applications are due Sept 21st!



Being a part of the AAF is a great way to gain recognition, connect with professionals, and have access resources. Members can participate in the Mosaic Career Fair and Conference, Most Promising Multicultural Student Program, and enter in the ADDYs. Also, members can apply to win scholarships and grants. Apply under the UF College Chapter for just $55 on


Come out to the next meeting on September 27th where Meredith Rowe, the Senior Copywriter at McCann, will be speaking to us about her career and giving us her best advice!