New Members


Ia��ve applied to be a member, now what?

Congratulations on applying to be a member! In order to help you make the most of your time on Ad Society, take note of all this information:

  • Mark these dates on your calendar:
  • Check your email for these:
    • Meeting reminders/recaps
    • Committee involvement emails
  • Follow our Twitter and apply to be a member of our Facebook page, once your membership is processed, youa��ll be accepted onto the page.
  • Go to the post-meeting socials at Tijuana Flats! Ita��s a more informal session with the speakers if they really struck a chord with you or if you have any questions youa��re dying to ask.

If your schedule feels light, shoot an email to because chances are therea��s always an informative event to attend or committee activity to get involved in.