On one fateful Thursday during my freshman year, I wound up in Gannett Auditorium at Weimer Hall for my first Ad Society meeting. I heard about the organization through tabling in the fall, but I was too nervous to attend; I hadn’t even taken one advertising course yet! How would I know if Ad Society or even advertising was right for me? 

Whether you’re a freshman or senior, you may have the same worries I did when joining Ad Soc. Maybe you aren’t even an ad major, but you just want to learn more about the industry. Or maybe you have already set a goal to win your first ADDY Award before your 30th birthday.

Whatever your case may be, putting yourself out there to a new group of people is nerve-wracking for anyone, regardless of how you feel about advertising.

Thankfully, stepping foot into that auditorium eased all of my nerves. The majority of people there were newcomers, so everyone had that excited energy of socializing with unfamiliar faces and getting to know people. I immediately felt welcomed.

Ad Society is one of those organizations that you get back what you give into it. You can take advantage of all of the amazing opportunities offered, such as touring ad agencies on our many trips or helping to create a campaign for non-profit cause during Ad Dash. You can also decide to not get too involved. The choice is yours.

I made my choice that one Thursday, and now here I am!

Finding your own place in a school as large as UF is hard, but it is possible. I found my niche within Ad Society, and I know you can too.

If you still feel a little nervous, look for me in Gannett Auditorium on Thursday, August 29th at 6:15pm during our Membership Rally. 

Written by Sandra Salvatierra