It’s always fun picking your classes for the upcoming semester and it’s even more fun choosing your electives. Every advertising student is required to take 12 credits of professional electives. There a several new exciting electives to take in the Spring Semester and each can benefit you in different ways. Check them out below:

Jim Harrison – Forward Thinking (ADV 4930-2743)

Forward Thinking provides an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms and psychology of creative thinking, as well as key behaviors, best practices and skills that unlock creative ideas and foster stronger team collaborations. Exploration of case studies and the application of creative techniques to topical subjects during the course engages students in applying creativity to unlock the magic of big ideas. Enrollment in this course is departmentally controlled — please contact the instructor.

Dan Windels – Digital Brand Storytelling for Strategists (ADV 4930-08CF)

Course Description: Designed to help students leverage creative research skills to craft insightful brand stories. Students will work on multiple brands during the semester and use innovative storytelling methods to showcase their strategic recommendations as part of a digital portfolio. Prereq: ADV 3500

Dan Windels – Advanced Internship (ADV 4941)

Course Description: A structured internship program that is approved by the department as an immersion experience related to the field of advertising. Requires 65 hours of work per credit hour and submission of an electronic portfolio including a culminating project from the internship. Prereq: 4JM ADV, 2.5 minimum GPA; minimum grades of C in ADV 3008, MAR 3023, and ENC 3254; and department permission.

Kendra Auguste – Health Communication (ADV 4930-02AD)

This course provides an overview of health and science communication in research, industry, and practice. We will explore and better understand the role communication plays in health care delivery, health promotion, disease prevention, environmental and risk communication, media and mass communication, and technology.

Robyn Goodman – Creative Advertising Competitions (ADV 4801)

The purpose of this class will be to produce a complete creative campaign for a real client—Fox Sports. Fox creates the winning teams’ ads that often run nationally.  And we’ve won several industry awards including Tellys and Clios. How many students can add industry awards to their resume right out of college?

  • If you have complete Copy & Viz, you do not need to submit a portfolio. Simply go to: and fill out the course request form.
  • If you have not completed Copy & Viz, you need to submit sample work to me at
  • If you have a course conflict particularly with Advertising Campaigns, this is not an issue. When you fill out the course request, the Reasons for Request section state that you want to take creative advertising competition and it will conflict with Advertising campaigns. You will be added to Creative Competitions after you’ve registered for campaigns.


Jon Morris – Great Ideas for Marketplace Communications (ADV 4302-09HO)

Focuses on two aspects of strategic communications. First: creating, developing and producing advertising and promotional content for real live case studies. Second: evaluating topical issues and industry innovation in media content innovation. Prereq: 3JM ADV; ADV 3008, ENC 3254.

Benny Torres – Social Labs (ADV 4930 251H)

Still working on it, but will definitely offer.

Kelly Kelly – Advertising Writing (ADV 4930-212B)

This introductory course is designed to immerse students in the world of advertising writing from the art of the headline to the craft of informative body copy. Students will learn the fundamental techniques involved in thinking creatively, writing concisely and conveying personality and voice. How to register: email to inquire. 

Janice Krieger/Alyssa Jaisle – STEM Research & Application (ADV 4930-05EG)

This is our undergraduate research immersion program. Gain experience in presenting research at conferences, recruiting participants, conducting focus groups, administering surveys, analyzing qualitative and quantitative data, participating in research meetings, obtaining IRB approval through the University of Florida’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). Previous students from the undergraduate research immersion program have gone on to graduate school to pursue their desire of conducting research. How to register: Apply online at