Last week, Ad Society hosted one of their most successful Membership Rallies yet, with a lot of interest buzzing about what your craft is. For some, last Thursday was the first time students had heard of different sectors within the advertising industry, such as strategy and account management, while others have been dead set in their craft from the start.

And yet, many new members may be finding themselves somewhere in the middle. You may in between two crafts you really love, or just want to try all of them out before settling down.

I understand your indecisiveness. As I said last Thursday: “Just because I have a fancy name tag with ‘Blog Director’ doesn’t mean I’m any better or any more prepared than you are.” 

That is why my current craft is Exploratory. But what exactly does that mean?

What is the Exploratory craft?

Exploratory is the catch-all label Ad Society uses for people who haven’t officially picked a craft. Much like the major, Exploratory members want to dig into different areas of the ad industry to see where they fit best. Not all Exploratory members are freshmen, rather the craft community is a diverse set of students who want to see where their talents lead them.

Why are you Exploratory?

I am currently in between two crafts, Copywriting and Social Media, hence my position as Blog Director (the best of both worlds). However, as an Ad Society member, you can only pick one craft. If in between several crafts, the basic rule of thumb is to pick Exploratory as to give every craft a fair shot.

Is it bad I have no idea what area of advertising I want to go into?

Not at all. While you may feel uneasy about not knowing your craft from your start as an Ad Society member, don’t worry. The Exploratory craft is a valuable learning experience that allows for growth and professional development. If we expected you to already know what craft you want to specialize in at your first Ad Society meeting, we wouldn’t even offer Exploratory as an option!

Are you still feeling like the only Exploratory in Ad Society? Wait until our next meeting on Thursday, September 12th when we sit with our fellow craft members and socialize about shared career passions and interests. 

Additionally, if you are especially passionate about your craft, applications for Craft Ambassador are open until September 13th. Being a Craft Ambassador is a great way to start getting involved with Ad Society, even as a new member.

Written by Sandra Salvatierra