As the weather begins to turn, we notice the early morning scooters wearing puffy jackets on their way to morning class, we see the coffee shops present their holiday treats, and we know the season of fall finally arrived. With the new season comes new campaigns, commercials, and food! I always get excited when I see the cereal, Count Cholula, on the shelf. Let us move on and  check out the new spooky campaign trends for October. 

NIKE Dunk Low

NIKE stepped ahead of the competition this summer when releasing the new Dunk Low shoes. These new Halloween themed kicks glow in the dark. The soles glow along with the green design that pops off the black leather. To make the shoe stand out, the classic NIKE swoosh compliments the green with an orange filling. This campaign is great for the Halloween Spooky style. Many people get excited for the holiday and dress up to fit the theme. The fact that the shoes GLOW, make this product unique to any other shoe.

Nike Dunk Low Halloween 2021 DD3357-100 Release – Shoe Trends


We know this brand always follows through with the best campaigns. This year, they did not disappoint. Coca-Cola presented a new idea to the philosophy of humanity with their new campaign, Real Magic. The idea continues Coca-Cola’s value to unite people around the world with today’s modern lifestyle. The brand plans on launching the campaign across the world to engage people in a different way. I personally love watching Coca-Cola’s campaigns because they are innovative. The brand is really able to show their values through their campaigns. The brand digs deeper than the “buy me” advertising. Instead, they present the idea of “let’s be friends.”


M&M’s always comes through in time for Halloween. This year, the candy company has big plans for this coming year. Starting in October, M&M will begin releasing new flavors for the first holiday of the season.  This Halloween; Creepy Cocoa Crisp, Milk Chocolate Ghoul’s Mix, Peanut Ghoul’s Mix, along with Cookies and Screeem will hit your local grocery shelves to celebrate the spooky holiday. This campaign shows that you do not need to work with what you have. Just because M&M’s only has the classic flavors year round, the brand was able to step out of the box and create new flavors special for each holiday. This idea spikes interest for their target audience because it is only available for a limited time.

Campaigns show that creativity gives power to the campaign and how you can use this creativity and innovation in the future!