Summer is almost here! Although its the time to hit the beach or just binge watch some Netflix, the summer is the perfect opportunity to get an internship. The internship search and actually being an intern can be difficult at first. However, it will all be worth it because there’s no better way to learn about the ad industry than actually being a part of it for a couple of months. There is a range of internships to choose from in all kinds of companies all over the world. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the search or are nervous about the beginning, students and professionals that have gone through this experience were asked for their best advice.


“My best piece of advice would be to take your time on the resume and cover letter. Spend a good amount of time making these tailored and personal, even if that means getting it looked at by a professional you trust before hitting ‘submit’”

— Katy Ryan, student and Ad Society’s Public Relations Director


“My advice to people is to do their research on the place they are applying to, so they can cater their cover letter to that position. Even if you are not a creative in advertising, it is important to have a portfolio site. So employers can see the type of work you have done. It’s a great way to stand out. Make sure your LinkedIn is filled out to the fullest, and constantly connect with people you meet in ad society”

— Nala Velez, student and Ad Society’s Internal Productions Director


“Always act professional! Dress to impress. Also, be on time, pay attention, definitely do not procrastinate”

— Michael Weinberg, UF advertising student


“I think the key to a successful internship experience is being open to learning new things & willing to go above & beyond what is expected. Don’t be afraid to ask questions & step outside of your comfort zone.”

— Gabriella Gomez, Marketing Production Coordinator for Baptist Health


Overall, preparation and passion are key components of the internship hunt and experience. Research, resumes, portfolios and curiosity may be the best armor in conquering your summer internship. Good luck on your internship endeavors and we hope you learn a lot!