Advertising is constantly shifting and adapting. It’s all based on current events and what is relevant at the given moment. One of the most relevant things happening right now as we all know is the months-long pandemic that we have all been going through. This pandemic has affected lives immensely and changed the way many industries are now conducting business. One of the most noticeable shifts is in the way companies are now advertising their products and services. Capitalism continues to fuel businesses, and they have found different ways to continue making necessary content by tying in COVID-themed ideas, including masks in their commercials, implementing social distancing in commercials, and much more.


Here are a few examples of how COVID-19 has shifted commercial making in the Advertising industry:



This Clorox ad is one of the more sensical ads to come out of the COVID crisis. It makes a lot of sense for a cleaning product company to promote their products to be used to help prevent the spread of disease during a global pandemic. This 15-second spot emphasizes the steps to reduce spreading disease.

Southwest Airlines:

This Southwest Airlines ad promotes flights in a whole new light by highlighting open middle seats as a form of social distancing. The commercial also shows the “new normal” of online learning. 

Banana Republic:

This commercial acknowledges the stress of the time we are in and vows to work towards a “better republic” by donating $20 million worth of clothing to help people get back to work.

Old Navy:

This Old Navy ad shows back to school outfits for kids while including colorful masks as well. 

My Black is Beautiful

This black haircare brand emphasizes the struggle black people are facing in America today. This commercial specifically points out that black people are both 2.5 times more likely to contract COVID as well as 2.5 times more likely to be killed by police. The commercial features a woman wearing a mask. 



This last commercial for, the online dating platform, takes a new approach to dating during the current pandemic and advertises their video chat feature that can be used to social distance and be safe while first getting to know someone.