Ecole Weinstein, executive creative director of FCB, and Dan Balser, head of the Advertising Program at the Creative Circus, spoke at this week’s Ad Society general body meeting. This meeting was recorded for the DGMS podcast, a podcast hosted by Dan that discusses all things advertising. One of the topics of conversations for this podcasts was about the Creative Circus in Atlanta.


Ecole graduated from the Creative Circus in ‘05 and Dan currently works there. It is a portfolio school and a place where advertising creatives can play and accelerate their skills before entering the workforce. As creatives, having a competitive portfolio that also implements aspects that express the person behind the work is the most important when breaking into the industry. The Creative Circus has allowed its students to immerse themselves in an inspiring learning environment where they can expand their frame of thinking and teach them how to apply their ideas to make advertising magic. Overall, it’s an effective way to land a job and to do well in it.


There are programs in art direction, copywriting, graphic design, interactive development, and phtography. Also, there is a program for undergraduate students called Summer at the Circus. In this program, students can spend two months in Atlanta taking courses to begin building their skills and their book.


While this seems like an untraditional route for some, it is a highly viable one for any creative. The Creative Circus has a 98% placement rate, meaning the institution is keeping it promise of getting students like us in the door. Its something to consider as we make our way into the ad industry.


If you want to know more, visit their website