Let’s cut to the chase: Yes, this sucks.

We would love more than anything to meet up together in Gannett Auditorium and walk across campus to Tijuana Flats for chips & salsa. Oh, to be squeezed inside the tiny Mid Tijuana…

Instead, we have to settle with squeezing everyone’s Zoom rectangles into one screen. Yes, this is less than ideal, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting that Ad Society is back in full swing. Despite all of the setbacks, one thing remains constant: we’re Gators. And what do Gators do best? We rally.

Since this year’s Membership Rally may look different, it’s time to revisit one of my earliest blog posts and spruce up your list of what to bring to tomorrow’s first meeting.

Zoom Meeting Link

I assume you’re an expert at Zoom by this point, but if you’ve been sleeping through your lectures and need a refresher, our meetings will be held on Zoom. Make sure to sign up to be on our email list to receive all of our meeting links!

A Conversation-Starting Zoom Background

Maybe your internship went virtual this summer, so how off where you would’ve been this summer at our meeting! Mentally, I’m in a shoebox apartment in Brooklyn fresh off an hour-long train commute. Or maybe you’re homesick and transport us to the AHA! Lab. We don’t judge.


I applaud those who can go on Zoom on their phone, but I am simply not built like that. The chaos of having 60+ squares at a time is too much to handle. So for those of us who will be attending on their laptops, I strongly encourage you to have Emojipedia on another tab to send some quirky messages in the chat. I will be using the entire rainbow row of hearts to cheer all of the directors on when they introduce themselves, thank you very much.

A Snack… or Dinner

Listen, you’re probably home, snuggled up in your bed with your stomach grumbling. Your mind is conditioned to expect Tijuana at 7:30 p.m. Ours, too. Pick up some chips and salsa from Publix before logging on (or better yet, order some Mexican takeout) and eat to your heart’s desire. Nobody’s stopping you from breaking out the full four-course meal; just offer us the leftovers (with contactless delivery, please).

Your Energy

At a time where everything seems to be switching up, our enthusiasm for reuniting with our Ad Society family hasn’t wavered. It may not be the same as last year, but we are sure happy to still keep up with one of our favorite traditions with our new and old members. We cannot wait to meet you all and see what the future holds for us (because if we’ve learned anything, the future is ever-changing).

See you on tomorrow, Thursday, September 9th at 6:15 p.m!