After Ad Society’s general body meetings every other Thursdays, we have an after-meeting social at Tijuana Flats! This is a fun way to network with our guest speakers and munch on some free chips. Yes, free! Ad Society orders several “Trio” dishes for the tables. Tijuana Flats has been a favorite of Ad Society for sometime now. Here are some of the notable reason why Ad Society loves Tijuana Flats:

The Location

There are two Tijuana Flats in Gainesville, one on Archer and another on University. We go to the one that’s right on University in Midtown. The reason the location is so great is because our meetings are always on campus and it’s convenient for everyone to walk right over. It gives our members the opportunity to bond together while walking from campus to Tijuana.

Guest Speakers Love It

When we bring in our guest speakers, they of course come to our social with us! This is a unique chance to get to network with advertising professionals. Our guest speakers love coming here because of the atmosphere and delicious food. Many of them love connecting with our members in a more casual setting. We only recommend the best when we have outside visitors!

The Chips

Everyone knows the chips at Tijuana Flats are fantastic. They’ll be so addicting to the point where you’ll take some to-go after eating a whole basket. The “Trio” at Tijuana comes with a basket of chips, queso, guac, and salsa. On Thursdays the “Trio” is bottomless which means we can refill our chip basket as much as we want! Side note: Their queso is incredible and the bottomless amounts of it will make your tastebuds very happy.

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere is great and they usually play some good music, that isn’t blasted too loud. Members will be able to network without having to yell over loud music. Along with that, the lighting in the restaurant just adds a “cool” sense to it.

Next time you come to a general body meeting, make sure you come to our social right after! Tijuana is always the move and you get some free chips out of it. Come chat with your fellow Ad Society members and network with some remarkable guest speakers!