Why Go on Trips?


Ad Society trips are a great way to get exposed to the ad industry. We visit all kinds of cities with all kinds of agencies. Each agency, big or small, broadens our insight as to what the future may hold for us. Not only do we get to tour some amazing agencies, but we get to explore a city and bond with other members along the way. Here are just some of the reasons you should go on an Ad Society trip:




Ad Society takes us to all kinds of places within the state and across the country. We may visit a known advertising hub or any up and coming hidden gems. This way, members are exposed to as many great agencies as possible and will help them in the job search process. Aside from touring agencies, this is a great way to explore a new city. Whenever there’s free time you can see the sights, try out some food spots, and make some memories in a new place.


The Agencies


    On these trips, agencies are kind enough to let us tour and interact with their professionals. During these tours, you get a feel for what working in that agency is like and if it’s a good fit for you. All agencies are unique, and this is an opportunity to see what kind of agency would be a good fit for you. They may be big, small, or somewhere in between and could have a client you’d love to work with. These tours also gives us a chance to network with professionals and pick their brain about how they got to where they are now. You may even discover a side of advertising that you never considered before.




    One of the best parts of going on trips are the friendships you make. When you share a room, share meals, or explore the city together, you are bound to get close to the members you travel with. This is gives members the opportunity to interact in a unique way and form lasting relationships. Everyone gets to experience the excitement of visiting agencies and exploring new cities together.


Ad Society will be taking on Washington D.C. next on November 14th to the 18th. We’re so excited to visit the nation’s capital and the agencies there. Make sure to be on your computers at 8:00 p.m. on October 12th to sign up for this amazing opportunity.