Hi there! My name is Janelle Houston, I’m a senior majoring in advertising and this is my short journey to advertising!

“I want to be a fashion designer when I grow up! Or maybe even a daycare teacher! I could even be a photographer!” These were just a few of the jobs that I thought about pursuing when I was younger. And I really do mean just a few. It seemed like every other month I wanted to change career paths. But what I never said I would be was an advertiser. I didn’t even know that people actively pursued advertising as a career until I came to UF. I started out as a journalism major but later decided to switch to advertising. And I wasn’t confident about changing my major to advertising until I joined Ad Society. Joining Ad Society reassured me of my choice to major in advertising. Hearing many UF Alumni talk about their career paths after UF and how they genuinely enjoyed their jobs made me continue to find my own interests in advertising and made me feel great about being among other students who were also trying to explore their own paths.

I am so excited to be working alongside Rajvi Maisuria as a blog director for Ad Society this year! I love writing so it’s an amazing opportunity to share tips, upcoming events, and fun topics with you all.  We try to post on Tuesday and Thursday nights so keep a look out for any new posts on those days. And before I conclude this post about my journey in Ad Society here are 5 quick tips about me:

1)Park and Recreation is my favorite mockumentary series

2)My craft in advertising is copywriting (but I’m also interested in account management)

3)I love hanging out at local coffee shops (Let’s grab a coffee sometime ;))

4)I’m a StarKid fan!

5)I love listening to lofi (Any JazHop Cafe Fans?)