What is UP my fellow Gators? To introduce myself… my name is Ella Kulak. This year, I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of UF’s Advertising Society’s blog directors. To prevent being a ghost behind your screen, here is a little taste of who I am. First, I will start with the basics. I am attending UF as a junior, majoring in Advertising and Sports Management. Hopefully when I graduate, I will be on the first flight out of Florida. I don’t really know where I want to work. Whatever it may be, it will require beanbag chairs and a pool table. You will never catch me in a suit. If you don’t believe a place like that exists… trust me. I have seen it. My hometown in Gloucester, MA. Chances are, you don’t know where that is. So locals just say Boston. I moved to Sarasota, FL to have a better education. So here I am at the BEST SCHOOL EVER! 

Growing up, I was always a creative. I chose advertising because it is exciting and innovative. There is something magical about having your voice heard and seeing your ideas come to life. Not only does your personality show, but you can see a piece of every person incorporated in the final product. Advertising is not just about selling. It is not just about art. Advertising is about phycology, talent, and creativity. Let yourself shine and accomplish the unthinkable. 

I already know we are going to have a great year! The blogs are going to range from advice to general inside jokes that only creative students, like you, can enjoy! We all do not know what we are doing in our lives so me and Dahlia will do our best to keep you informed with career tips and motivational reads. Keep up with my blogs to stay inspired!