Halloween is right around the corner! So to celebrate, we are bringing you Halloween-themed blog posts and content to highlight all of our directors and members here at Ad Society. So be on the lookout for more spooky content in the next upcoming weeks. No one celebrates Halloween without watching a classic horror movie or a not-so-scary Disney movie. So I wanted to learn a little more about what movies our directors like to watch during the Halloween season.



“My favorite Halloween movie is Halloweentown! I have always loved this movie and me and my sisters watch it every Halloween. I love when they discover Halloweentown and Marnie meets all the creatures there.” –Madison Kahn




“When it comes to Halloween movies, I would have to say I love the whole Scream series. While I know it’s more of a spoof on classic horror films, the series is always a great watch, not knowing who the killer is and what is going to happen next. Another movie I love is Scary Godmother (if you know, you know). A timeless 3D classic, both films are amazing and a must-watch during the Halloween season.” –Griffen Goebel







“Halloweentown! It’s a classic and I never go an October without watching it at least once :)” –Lauren Coffman






“I’ve loved the Halloweentown movies for as long as I can remember! I wanted to have powers and embark on thrilling adventures with my friends and family just like Marnie. As an October baby who loves spooky season, she was a big part of my childhood!”Β  Β -Darlesa Richardson





A big shout-out to all of our wonderful directors! Of course Halloweentown would be a favorite among our directors! It’s a Disney classic that’s a must-watch! For me, I’d have to say Twitches is my favorite Halloween movie. My twin and I watched this movie every year, especially since our birthday is near Halloween. We would always argue about who would have the sun powers and the moon powers (if ya know, you know πŸ˜‰)! If you’re interested in being highlighted on our next blog post, keep a look out for my announcements in the Ad Society slack channel!