Behind the words, you want an image of the narrator; You want a face to a name; You want the familiarity; A behind the scene look; To bridge the gap between the writer, the screen, and you, our lovely reader.  

So, let me introduce myself. Hi! My name is Rajvi Maisuria. I’m a third-year student studying Digital Arts and Science. And I’m beyond excited to have the chance to be one of your Blog Directors and working alongside Janelle! I’m also helping out as a Digital Creative Director on the backend. It seems as if I always find myself working behind the scenes with multiple software. With that, I think a career in something that helps me entertain all sides of creativity, technology, and business would be a dream come true. A fun fact about me is that I’ve moved around a lot and the main thing I miss about previous states that Florida doesn’t have is the snow. But growing up in a place next to Disney and Universal Studios have led to numerous outings with family and friends and field trips with classmates to enjoy the thrill of the roller coasters which even my fear of my heights cannot put a stop to. But who would I say that I am?

Well, according to Buzzfeed:

If I were a flower: I’d be a Poppy (eager to learn and help others)

If I were a color: I’d be Purple (introspective and idealistic; always looking for growth)

If I were an animal: I’d be a Panda (playful and energetic)

And if I were at Hogwarts: I’d be in Ravenclaw (reading away books and yearning for wisdom)

But for credibility purposes, according to the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, I’m an INFJ-T which describes an Advocate.  

So, throughout this semester, as I work behind the scenes, I hope to advocate for all your needs and write things that pertain to you, obtaining helpful insights and tips while also gaining a support system.

If you’d like to join and take the personality test, take a quick peek at this link: 16 Personalities Test and comment your results below! I look forward to seeing the personalities of our growing Society!