To bring our members closer together, we created crafts: close knit communities of members with similar interests and career goals. Each craft has to do with a student’s area of focus in advertising. Don’t know what area of advertising you want to go into? No worries we have a craft for that! Explore our crafts below.


Account Management

Account managers are the liaisons between the client and creatives. They act as project managers, organizers and sometimes therapists. To be a successful account executive, you need to be a great communicator and an even better listener.



You take numerical data and turn it into words the rest of us can understand. You love getting Google analytics reports and finding new ways to track an ads performance online. Numbers and tech go together for you like peanut butter and jelly.


Art Direction/Graphic Design

You mean I get to make art and get paid for doing it? Yes! Graphic design is art with a purpose. Art directors and graphic designers handle all the visual components of a brand or ad campaign.




You are a wordsmith, a grammar nazi, and an idea generator. As a copywriter, you can find yourself writing a five-word headline or crafting a five-hundred-word blog post. Do you like to write, edit, and read? Join this group of word nerds!




You have no idea what you want to do yet and that’s OK! We hope through Ad Society you can discover what area of advertising you’re passionate about. In the meantime, join a group of students hungry to learn more about the industry.



Media buying, selling, and planning all fall under this craft. Your dream is to work at a big time media agency and either negotiate prices for your clients or plan where your agency’s next piece of creative will go.



Lights, camera, action! Production encompasses many disciplines whether it’s videography and photography or producing and directing. Producers are the project managers of the video realm. They make sure the commercial is perfect from start to finish.


Project Management

Project managers make sure every job gets done. If you love to write things in a planner and keep things color coordinated, project management might be the perfect fit for you. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing a huge project be completed!



Public Relations

Public relations and advertising have many similarities. So much so, that many public relations students find themselves at Ad Society on Thursday evenings. If writing press releases is your thing, join the public relations craft.




You’re a naturally curious person and probably could have been a detective in another life. As a strategist you search for insights to launch creative in the right direction. You love to discover new things through research and you can navigate Simmons OneView with ease.


Social Media

Social media management is not as easy as posting a picture of your dog on Facebook. As a social media guru, your Instagram feed is always on point and you care more about overall engagement than your number of followers. Some agencies like to get fancy and call you “community managers,” but we’ll just call you Instagram stars.