Welcome to the Team!

Hello! My name is Michael Israel and I am the new blog director for the Ad Society!

As a law student and as a religious study undergraduate, I am a bit of a non-traditional member of the ad-society, however my love for business and marketing runs deep!

For as long as I could remember I have been hustling, as an elementary school student I bought and sold Beanie Babies at the height of their popularity and made some decent money for an eight-year-old. However, I believe my interest in advertising was sparked by the PC game Roller Coaster Tycoon, where you got to run a Theme Park as a business. While most of my friends who played took an interest in building roller coasters, it was running the business that fascinated me! To attract people to the park you could run ads in newspapers, direct mail, or television and highlight individual rides or the park as a whole. The idea of (a much simpler) ad targeting fascinated me and that fascination never left.

Currently, at law school, I am enrolled in Big Data and the Law, as well as Media Law and will write on any interesting topics in those classes as they pertain to advertisements. I will however not limit myself to the purely analytical but will explore the creative and messaging side of advertising as well!