Hello Ad Society! This week, we’re back with another Halloween-themed post! Last week, I asked our members and director’s a long-debated question that has plagued Tim Burton fans for ages…..Is the Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween or Christmas movie? Some of our members were reluctant to respond while others weren’t afraid to state their opinion.

“See I just block out this out as a holiday movie, but I do think I watch it the most during Christmas. This is where the focus of the plot lies so that’s why I watch it the most during then.” -Alexis Braun

“I definitely think it’s more of a Halloween movie. The whole vibe is spooky and I feel like a lot of other Christmas movies come to mind first before I would think of this.” -Kristen Johnson

While there is no right or wrong answer to this debate, Danny Elfman, the composer for the movie, and Henry Selick, the director for the movie, have both said that for them, it’s a Halloween movie. But who knows, maybe it’s a movie that perfectly combines the wild spirit of Halloween and the heartfelt feeling of Christmas.