Happy November! Has the pre-Thanksgiving grind been catching up to you lately? Senioritis kicking in? Marston basement just not cutting it lately? Trust me, no one relates to that more than me. While the assignments are piling up, be thankful that Gainesville has some of the most unique study spots that are all within walking distance from campus.

Not the most unique study spot but definitely a fan favorite – Plaza of the Americas. Take advantage of the cool weather. Grab a friend and fluffy blanket to study in the shade of the palms. Bonus if you have a hammock! Plaza now has wooden posts for all of your hammocking needs. 

The lesser-known Grand Reading Room is one of my favorite places to study. It is located in the Special Collections Library. If you’re not familiar with this library, it is located right next to Library West and will remind you of the Great Hall in Harry Potter (!!!).

If you get tired of cosplaying as a Hogwarts student, just two blocks from Heavener School of Business is Opus at Innovation, one of the best coffee shops Gainesville has to offer. Apart from the seasonal teas and lattes, Opus has indoor and outdoor tables for all your studying needs. It also has WIfi that you can use! This is definitely one of my favorites when I need a break from campus.

Across from Opus is Midpoint Park and Eatery. In the mood to hammock but don’t have your own? Need a study snack? Midpoint has you covered! WIth four different food trucks and plenty of outdoor seating, you can study here from open to close and have all your needs taken care of. 

Last but not least is Lake Alice, located in between the UF Baseball Stadium and Fraternity Row. If the weather permits, I recommend this spot for catching up on all those class readings you’ve been putting off (we’ve all been there). Keep an eye out for wildlife! If you’re lucky, you might see a gators swimming around…

Are any of the study spots already your current favorites?