So you’ve attended the Student Involvement Fair your first week of school and you came across thousands of interesting organizations. But then our amazing poster board grabbed your attention and you thought, “ What exactly is Ad Society?” Well, stop wondering because I’m here to tell you all about what Ad Society is, why it’s amazing and why you should join.

Ad Society is a pre-professional student organization that welcomes any student who is interested in advertising, public relations, telecommunications, media productions, and any other communication-related field. Whether you’re looking to learn more about advertising or connect with other students with the same interests as you, Ad Society is an incredible organization to be a part of. 

Ad Society is a great way to explore your craft in advertising. If you’re trying to grow you’re portfolio as a creative, Ad Society offers many opportunities to do so. At the end of each semester, we host a two-day event called Ad Dash which allows students to work on a creative brief with an actual client. We also share many internship, freelance, and job opportunities with members who are interested in expanding their resumes. And at the end of each semester, we host trips to different advertising agencies. It’s a great way to network with advertising professionals and experience agency culture. Last year, we had the amazing opportunity to visit five advertising agencies in Tampa, FL.

We have general body meetings (which we usually address as GBMs) twice a month on Thursdays at 6:30 pm. At each GBM, guest speakers come to talk about their work experiences in their respective industries, whether that be advertising, public relations, etc. Then they offer advice on how we can succeed in our own career paths while answering any questions that members may have.

And that’s Ad Society! We’re a group of passionate, caring students that want to share our love of advertising with you. Come out this Thursday to our first GBM to learn more about our directors and the exciting events that we have planned for you all this year.