What’s New at AdSociety?

We’ve Gone Virtual

As you (probably) already know, Ad Society has gone virtual for the Fall semester. Don’t worry, we haven’t changed much since you left. Our meetings and events will be held via Zoom, and any in-person events will be completely optional and conducted with social distancing guidelines in place.



Same ICON, Different Format

The ICON has a new place to call home (and it’s not your backpack). That’s right – the ICON will now be available digitally and can be accessed via QR code at the start of every GBM. As always, the ICON is your go-to for important updates, schedule of upcoming events, and info about our guest speaker.

Trips: Pants Optional

While we can’t bring you on trips, we can bring the trips to you. At every GBM, our Trips Directors will serve as your virtual tour guides, showing you around the cities that many top agencies call home – all from the comfort of your couch (or wherever you Zoom).

What’s Still the Same?

Learning From The Best In The Biz.

Making the switch to online isn’t all that bad – we promise. Going virtual has made our speaker events more accessible to industry professionals around the country, meaning that you can expect an amazing line-up of guest speakers this year. Get excited. 

A Family Through Thick & Thin.

It’s true what they say: families stick together through whatever. Despite being physically apart, the Ad Society fam is as close as ever. I guess you could say that through shared trauma, struggles, and stress during the pandemic, our bond has only grown that much stronger.

Generating New Ideas & always learning





Created by Sandra Savlatierra and Jazzmyn Falloon